In the 40’s Robert "Pablo" Adams, his brothers, and some friends founded a softball team called “The Crusaders”. The Crusaders played in The Daddy O’Daily tournament and many other competitions. Softball back in the day was more than just a game: it helped young men display their talent and pride. Many of the members of that team went on to become outstanding citizens.
The team was reborn in the mid 80’s with Pablo’s leadership once again and Denard Jacox by his side. One day while discussing the grit and determination of a few of the young men they were mentoring, they coined the phrase “Faithful Few". Denard Jacox and two schoolmates from DeVry Institute of Technology filed a charter for the "Crusaders’ Faithful Few (CFF)" in 1986. The mission was to mentor young men by using Softball as a training tool. They wanted to use the sport and the skills it cultivated to help young men develop character and honor.
The focus of Faithful Few (FF) now is to enhance the lives of these children and Young Adults. Through a holistic approach that includes Mind - Education, Body – Healthy Living, and Spirit - Enrichment, that we provide – thought the partnerships we have initiated with parents, schools, and sponsors in the community-- we hope that we can accomplish our mission of creating self-reliant and self-assured adults.

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