Sponsorship Mission Statement

Sponsors for the Crusaders Faithful Few agree that this is a worthy program. They support the organization in it's mission which is designed to empower at risk children and adolescents as well as children diagnosed as having Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). We offer a variety of programs to help reduce the stress in their young lives. We help them build the necessary skills to enable them to become confident, self-reliant adults. Sponsorship comes in three basic type with three level within each type : levels are individual, group, and program.


We seek sponsors to provide child/children with individual tutoring according to his/her needs thoughtout the school term


We seek sponsors to provide child/children with individual formal counseloring that can help guide you/your child in the right direction.


We seek sponsors to provide for different events, that are inspiring as well as that re-inforcement lessons learn in other portions of the program.

To Sponsor Contact: Events Co-Ordinator