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An Update On Medications Used In The Treatment Of Attention Deficit Disorder

John Ratey, M.D.
Worry and ADD Edward Hallowell M.D.
The Link Between ADD & Addiction Wendy Richardson, MA.,LMFCC
ADD Medications General information on ADD medications
A Season To Remember Linda Halperin, Ed.S.
Myths About ADD/ADHD Myths -- and facts -- about ADD and treatment
"If He Outgrew It, What Is He Doing in My Prison?" T. Dwaine McCallon, M.D
Educational Strategies Dealing with ADD behaviors at school

ADD With Zen Practice: A Co-Vitality

Kevin Maginnis
Hypersensitivity and ADD: Is there a connection? Mary Jane Johnson
The Link Between ADD/ADHD and Eating Disorders Wendy Richardson MA, LMFCC
JAMA article on ADHD and stimulant medications, April 1998
(also see article below)
Journal of the American Medical Association article