Volunteer Mission Statement

Volunteers for the Crusaders Faithful Few agree to submit to a background check and to support the organization in it's mission which is designed to empower at risk children and adolescents as well as children diagnosed as having Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). We offer a variety of programs to help reduce the stress in their young lives. We help them build the necessary skills to enable them to become confident, self-reliant adults. Volunteer three basic type of assignments:

Individual Tutors

we are looking for tutors who can take long term assignments to children according to needs during the school term


We are looking for people that can help guide these children in the right direction, this a year round.

Event Chaperons

We are looking for people act as chaperons on different events, events will be posted to the calendar in advance.

To Volunteer Contact: Events Co-Ordinator