Subscription Statement

Participation in the Crusaders Faithful Few , maybe be in one to three forms. each having it own subprograms. Contact the program director more complete information. Our mission which is designed to empower at risk children and adolescents as well as children diagnosed as having Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). We offer a variety of programs to help reduce the stress in their young lives. We help them build the necessary skills to enable them to become confident, self-reliant adults.


We will give you/your child the individual tutoring according to his/her needs thoughtout the school term


We will get individual formal counseloring that can help guide you/your child in the right direction.


We are goning to take you/your child to different events, that are inspiring as well as this will re-inforcement lessons learn in other portions of the program.

To Subscribe Contact: Subscription Co-Ordinator