One Step Back In Time

An enjoyable field trip to a ranch where we venture back to a time when horseback riding was the primary mode of transportation. This retreat is used to bring families together for a day of fun and excitement. If horseback riding is not your thing, there are also other games where families can participate — water balloon toss, hoopla-hoops, dancing, checkers, and backgammon games. You can compete as a family or by yourself against each other. As an added bonus, a photographer is on hand to photograph you and your family. 

Movie Night 

Going to the movies has always been a great pastime for groups of friends, couples of all ages, families and school field trips for as long as it has existed. Usually, this would be a weekly event for many. It’s nothing like being one of the first to see the latest and greatest movie of the season or the sequel to a great series like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Black Panther, Dirty Harry movies, to name a few. Movies have something for all; we use this as a basis for constructive conversations.

Fooling Around with Family & Friends

Our skate / bowling parties are meant to bring Family & Friends together, providing an opportunity to do some intervention for our outreach partners. Let’s Party!!!!!