In the 40’s Robert “Pablo” Adams, his brothers, and some friends founded a softball team called “The Crusaders”. The Crusaders played in The Daddy O’Daily tournament and many other competitions. Softball back in the day was more than just a game: it helped young men display their talent and pride. Many of the members of that team went on to become outstanding citizens. 

The team was reborn in the mid 80’s again with Pablo’s leadership and Denard Jacox by his side. One day while discussing the grit and determination of a few of the young men they were mentoring, they coined the phrase “Faithful Few”. Denard Jacox and two schoolmates from DeVry Institute of Technology filed a charter for the “Crusaders’ Faithful Few (CFF)” in 1986. The mission was to mentor young men by using softball as a training tool. They wanted to use the sport and the skills it cultivated to help young men develop character and honor.

Faithful Few continues under the leadership of Denard Jacox and has grown to include sports, arts and community programming created between families, schools, sponsors and a variety of committed partners.

Denard Jacox, Sr.

He is a true native Chicagoan. Denard graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree from DeVry University in 2002. Denard accepted Christ at an earlier age. Recognizing the anointing and calling upon his life, he became an ordained minister who has provided spiritual leadership and counseling to youth and families in the underserved communities. The organization that was founded by Denard in 1986 is called the “Faithful Few”. Denard is dedicated to facilitating teaching and counseling, which empower him to reach others with humor. Denard is a proud father of many biological and spiritual children.  His definitive desire is to see people fully embrace God’s love. He is supported in his ministry by his wife of over 30 years.  

Denard has dedicated himself to a life of servanthood.

Catherine Sullivan

Was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to Chicago in 2006. She is film and theater artist and Associate Professor in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Chicago. Catherine started the Think it! Make it! Screen it! program with the Faithful Few as a program supported by the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts in 2012.

Charles Patterson

He is currently working as a Senior Counselor and Community Liaison for Geo Abraxas Interventions Southwood Intake Department. He has over twenty years of experience in the addictions field as Certified Addictions and Drug Counselor, Certified Red Cross Instructor trainer for HIV/AIDS prevention and CPR/ First Aid Instructor from 2000 to present. He also currently works as a consultant for Men & Women In Prison Ministries and is serving as a volunteer on the Northwestern Community Advisory Board from 2003 to present.

Chad Syverson

A George C. Tiao Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He has been on the faculty of the university since 2001. He and his wife “Genaya” have four children. They live in the Beverly neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side.

Cynthia Streeter

Was born and raised in Chicago. She joined the Faithful Few in 2010 as a volunteer, when her granddaughter joined the Lady Crusaders basketball team. She is a self-employed HVAC and appliance repair Technician at C Streeter Enterprises LLC better known as Cynthia’s HVAC and Appliance Repair. Even though her girls grew out of the programs, she stayed involved with the Faithful Few as a valued community board member. 

Jean-Pierre Dubé

Jean-Pierre Dubé is the James M. Kilts Distinguished Service Professor of Marketing at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Professor Dubé is also director of the Kilts Center for Marketing at the Booth School, a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and an academic fellow at the Marketing Science Institute. From 2008‐2010, he was a research consultant for the Yahoo! Microeconomics Research group. He has been working as a research consultant with Amazon since 2018.

Dubé earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto in quantitative methods in economics in 1995, a master’s degree in economics in 1996, and a PhD in 2000 from Northwestern University. He joined the Chicago Booth faculty in 2000.

Darlena James

She is a native Chicagoan from the South-side. Has a Bachelor’s of Art in Human Service as of 2000. She loves helping people and has been an Acting Executive Secretary with the Faithful Few since 2016.