Girls off the Streets (G.O.T.S.) is a year-round program that includes organized basketball conducted in ten to twelve-week sessions in partnership with local youth leagues. The program is totally free to low-income participants, others are offered a nominal sliding scale assessment.

In addition to basketball, we offer a variety of adventures to help reduce stress and Community Violence Exposure. Girls Off the Streets helps young ladies build skills to become confident, self-reliant and productive adults. Through dedication, education, and inspiration, G.O.T.S. hopes to empower our participants to reach their personal best. Our holistic approach includes Mind – Education, Body – Healthy Living, and Spirit – Enrichment. Faithful Few formulates partnerships with the key stakeholders in the health and success of our youth: parents, schools, and sponsors throughout the community.

Community Violence Exposure is a public health issue and we are deeply concerned about its effect on our youth. Acute Community Violence Exposure can lead to changes in behavior and neural processing that increase the risk of engaging in delinquency and violence. There is evidence that guided activities in closely-knit group settings can reduce its negative impacts. Faithful Few programs are designed to harness and redirect youthful energy toward productive living free of violence.