Think it! Make it! Screen it!

The Think It! Make It! Screen It! program was created by Catherine Sullivan, a filmmaker and Professor of Visual Arts in the University of Chicago and Denard Jacox the President of Faithful Few. This program immerses youth in the dynamic world of digital video production during a summer course and participation in a film crew that meets throughout the year. The program is totally free to low income participants, others are offered a nominal sliding scale assessment. 

The Faithful Few is a nonprofit 501C3, designed to empower high risk, low income youth. We believe that real life changes are achieved by renewing the minds of youths through experiential interventions.  By providing fun and interesting outlets for the development and nurturing of creative energy, holistic approaches can be integrated focusing on three key areas: Mind – Education; Body- Healthy Living; and Spirit – Enrichment. Through these dimensions, we accomplish our mission of creating self-reliant and self-assured adults.